plastic compound

plastic compound

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  • Compound butter — Compound butters (French: Beurre composé , pl. Beurres composés ) are mixtures of butter and supplementary ingredients. Primarily, they are used to enhance flavor in various dishes, in a fashion similar to a sauce.[1][2][3] Compound butters can… …   Wikipedia

  • plastic — 1. Capable of being formed or molded. 2. A material that can be shaped by pressure or heat to the form of a cavity or mold. [G. plastikos, relating to molding] Bingham p. a material that, in the idealized case, does not flow …   Medical dictionary

  • plastic — plastically, plasticly, adv. /plas tik/, n. 1. Often, plastics. any of a group of synthetic or natural organic materials that may be shaped when soft and then hardened, including many types of resins, resinoids, polymers, cellulose derivatives,… …   Universalium

  • Compound bow — A Browning Compound Bow A compound bow is a modern bow that uses a levering system, usually of cables and pulleys, to bend the limbs. The limbs of a compound bow are much stiffer than those of a recurve bow or longbow. This limb stiffness makes… …   Wikipedia

  • compound — 1. In chemistry, a substance formed by the covalent or electrostatic union of two or more elements, generally differing entirely in physical characteristics from any of its components. 2. In pharmacy, denoting a preparation containing several… …   Medical dictionary

  • plastic explosive — noun an explosive material that is easily molded around the object it is intended to destroy • Syn: ↑plastique • Hypernyms: ↑explosive compound • Substance Holonyms: ↑plastic bomb * * * noun, pl ⋯ sives [count, noncount] : an explosive that is ma …   Useful english dictionary

  • Compound refractive lens — A Compound refractive lens (CRL) is a series of individual lenses arranged in a linear array in order to achieve focusing of X rays in the energy range of 5 40 keV. For all materials the refractive index for X rays is close to 1, hence a single… …   Wikipedia

  • plastic — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) adj. moldable, malleable, ductile, formable, pliant, impressionable, formative. See form, softness. n. thermoplastic, resin, cellulose, etc.; plastic money, credit, debit, or charge card. See materials,… …   English dictionary for students

  • Plastic Wood — Trademark. a brand name for a compound used for patching and filling woodwork. * * * …   Universalium

  • Plastic Wood — Trademark. a brand name for a compound used for patching and filling woodwork …   Useful english dictionary

  • heterocyclic compound — Any of a class of organic compounds whose molecules contain one or more rings of atoms with at least one atom (the heteroatom) being an element other than carbon, most frequently oxygen, nitrogen, or sulfur. As in regular cyclic hydrocarbons,… …   Universalium

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